BIM Services

Achievable results

  • 75% Less mistakes in the final design;
  • 50% faster quantity take-off;
  • 5% savings on construction costs;
  • Reduces construction time;
  • More precise quantity calculations.


  • BIM Coordination; 
  • BIM Training & Consultation;  
  • IFC Model Clash Detection;
  • Preparation Plan of BIM Implementation;
  • 3D Animations and Simulations (3D Video); 
  • 3D Modeling & Visualisation; 
  • 3D Product Modeling; 
  • 3D Light Simulations; 
  • 3D Picture Rendering; 
  • 4D Modeling (3D model+ timeschedule);
  • 5D Modeling (3D model+ cost estimation); 
  • Modelling BIM Facilities Management Models;
  • NEW! Implementation of AR (Augmented reality) solutions in construction quality control.

In General

Nowadays 3D modeling and BIM solutions are becoming more and more realistic and provide the user with a vast and accurate information. That information can be used to describe virtually anything. Therefore, the team of TuLiTec has next to his project management skills acquired extensive 3D modeling and simulation skills by continuously developing ourselves. Our wish is to deliver the BIM 3D  potentiality to the client in a early project planning or design phase in order to introduce the endless possibilities and advantages that the 3D WORLD holds. With TuLiTec  BIM 3D solutions visions become reality!

What is BIM?

Building Information Modeling / Building information Managemet  (BIM) is a process involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of places.

The premise of the BIM process is cooperation, and the goal is an efficient and fast information exchange.


Additional info about BIM is here.

BIM News

About BIM

Time relation to the construction and planning process

(Allikas: Jared Banks, Shoegnome Architects)


3D Model​

Main part of BIM is an Intelligent 3D model in space. The model includes different additional information like material parameters, producer info etc.

4D Model

Visual model that includes additionally 4th dimension-time. It is mainly used for construction site planning activities in order to visualize the progress of the construction throughout the project lifecycle. It also helps clients/owners better to understand construction time schedules.

5D Model​

5D model includes all benefits of 4D model, but additionally it has a 5th dimension – Cost. 5D model is used for budget tracking and cost analysis related processes.

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