Group Builder


90 %
More sales by up to

*Of upgrade materials and extra work

Number of faults

*Related to information, configuration or quantities

Number of hours saved with GBuilder
75 %
Save time by up to

*In material management, more productive time with customers

Discover the benefits of GBuilder!


New innovative and visual ways to present off-plan units and material configuration options. Up to 90% more upselling!

Accurate 3D / VR / AR models of every unit. Material options and dynamic configurator. Pre-priced upgrade materials and extra works. Accurate budget calculator.


Enhance customer experience with a customer-centric approach!

Visual web based user interface and dynamic 3D / VR / AR model that can be decorated and shared. Homebuyer feels a part of a transparent and secure process.


Decrease manual office work by up to 75%!

Customer relations, material options, extra works, messaging, attachments and confirmations, in real time and reliably. Real time information to follow project progress. Options, ordering and quantity management. Automatic pricing and quantity calculations.

Work site

Eliminate mistakes

Correct information always available in one centralized location. Room cards, materials, orders, quantities and punch lists. All accurate and in real time.

GBuilder- BIM based home configurator that enables to design and customize each apartment according to the homebuyers will.

Discover the Features!

Digital Twins (BIM)

We create, enhance and maintain the whole project in BIM with our own built-in CAD software. We support the most common file formats (IFC, DWG) and are compatible with most CAD softwares.

Material databases

Create your own material database or use the databases we have integrated to. Select the materials and products you want to use from over 20 million items.

Material management

Set the default level materials and appliances, pre-price upgrade materials and appliances for easy upselling with our sophisticated BIM-based pricing tool. Create pre-selected themes and packages.

Create the Customer Journey

The customer user interface. Customize with the functions you want to use and use your brand image. Possible to white label and integrate to existing online portals.


With the help of visualizations and our Online Design Studio homebuyers can make confident and secure decisions on how to configure their home while keeping track of their budget.


BIM-based 3D, VR and AR models of every unit. Models are accurate, dynamic with material options, allow free movement and decorations.

Digital Customer Journey in residential projects

Digital Builder Journey in residential projects

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