Model using tool

Simplebim is a powerful software that gives you complete control over the IFC model.

The right information is always available – at the right time and in command of the right person!

Reads and edits all IFC files
Simplebim is the only software that lets you import, edit, and later export IFC files.

Flexible processing
Remove the unnecessary and sort out only the part you are interested in from the model. The exported file is compact and works better.

An exact overview of everything
You can get a good overview of the IFC model and you can adapt it according to your needs.

Discovering problems
The programme visually highlights problematic places and mistakes in construction logic in the project, also allowing the evaluation of the quality.

Automatic validation
Check the correspondence of different models against the requirements you set.

Automation of repeated activities
Simplebim has many templates but you can create additional ones, which automate tedious repetitive activities.

Preparation of energy simulation
You can use the IDA-ICE plug-in to prepare the IFC model for energy simulation.

Simplebim annual single license €960 + VAT
Simplebim annual network license €1500 + VAT

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