Simplebim® is an easy and efficient software for working with IFC files in order to get the maximum benefit of BIM.


Simplebim® Commercial Single User Rental License

Supported by Windows

Price 800€ + VAT / license


Simplebim® Commercial Network Rental License

Supported by Windows

Price 1250€ + VAT / license


Information about
rental licences

With the rental license there is no up-front fee for the license and you pay only for using simplebim. During the rental period you have the right to always use the latest version of simplebim. The minimum rental period is 12 months and the rental agreement is renewed automatically unless cancelled 3 months before the rental period ends. Regardless of any cancellation, the rental agreement is always valid until the end of the rental period. If you cancel and once the rental period ends, you no longer have the right to use simplebim. One commercial single user license allows a single user to use Simplebim® on a maximum of two computers (office/home) used by that same user. The price includes the licence for Simplebim® 7 and if needed an online support of the program installation and a 1.5h introduction for beginners.

Simplebim on TuLiTec partner

Simplebim® Programming

Adjust of program according to clients need.

Creating templates, automate daily processes by scripting.

With templates it is possible to translate your IFC into your native language or add necessary information like properties and classification. And that is just the TIP of the iceberg!


About Simplebim®

Simplebim® software enables to customize the IFC model according to given standards and to the users needs. Simplebim® 7 enables to use, correct and validate the information that the BIM model contains. One of the most outstanding features of the software is the possibility to add external information to the IFC file.Furthermore, it enables to change and validate the information that the IFC file contains into reliable data and to export it into widely used excel format. Simplebim will be the extremely useful tool if used together with IDA-ICE. Simplebim prepares and validate IFC file exactly to IDA-ICE requirements and after simulation import results back to IFC. Using Simplebim is suggested by IDA ICE developer EQUA Simulation AB.

Simplebim® - Saves Your Time

  • Need to transfer data from different sources into one IFC file?
  • Need to check the quantities?
  • Need to export quantities into excel format?
  • Need to validate and correct the data in IFC file?
  • Need a good overview of BIM model?
  • Need to edit data in IFC file?
  • Need to add specific information or data into IFC fail?
  • Need to classify and split models or define objects locations?
  • Need to automate time consuming processes?
  • Try for 30 days and discover by yourself!


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