About us

BIM experts with construction experience

3D and BIM solutions allow you to manage construction more efficiently while saving time. In addition to new programmes you need capable cooperation partners who will assist in establishing processes and who are capable of offering additional services.

The TULITEC team, thanks to construction management experience in Estonia and other countries, knows how to best assist you. We know precisely what is important in your field, regardless whether you are in construction, a designer, developer or material producer.


We maintain constant awareness of the world’s most innovative solutions so that they also become available to all of TULITEC’s clients.


Companies with different profiles have different needs; therefore, we offer services and software license packages with flexible conditions.


We are a dignified partner for clients who value time and rapid service. Your queries and orders will always receive a prompt reply.

Wide competence

All of TULITEC’s team members have a technical degree and construction experience. We also speak many languages: Estonian, English, German, Russian, Finnish, Hindi etc.

Our team that can assist with all your queries

Kaur Tull

Kaur Tull

CEO I Civil engineer
TULITEC OÜ founder

Education: Tallinn University of Technology, industrial and civil construction with specialization in port buildings and coastal technology; additional Master’s Degree in the field of maritime architecture under the EMSHIP programme.

Experience: maritime projects, incl. Haven Kakumäe; civil construction projects, incl. Flir production building in Tallinn, Kaja cultural centre BIM coordination.

Qualification: According to the Estonian Qualifications Framework (EstQF), civil engineer, level 7, with a diploma.

Languages: Estonian, English, German.

Our team

Kärt Teorein

BIM specialist

Education: TTK University of Applied Sciences, Construction Geodesy

Experience: RKAS drawings, e.g. Pärnu Joint Building complex. Ground models, e.g. Tallinn Botanic Garden. Design of modular houses, e.g. Boklok on the Lake

Qualification: Level 6 of the Estonian and European Qualifications Framework

Languages: Estonian, English