3D & BIM solutions

Creation of realistic 3D product images and 3D animations

Get a realistic understanding of products and buildings that are still in the planning or construction phase. Depending on the level of detail and quality range, it is possible to create 3D solutions that resemble reality to a greater or lesser extent.

You can view a virtual project plan at any stage of construction using modern virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) solutions.

Why prefer 3D and BIM solutions?

Comprehensive overview

Visualize your project as a 3D model or image and explore it in detail by taking a walk in your model! This allows you to identify major issues during the planning phase and address them proactively.

Drives sales

A captivating image tells more than a thousand words. By creating a stunning 3D render of your product or object, you provide the customer with the exact visualization they are looking for.


Simulate potential bottlenecks during the planning phase to gain a precise understanding of associated risks.

A great 3D image boosts sales, and a well-executed 3D simulation prevents potential bottlenecks.

BIM modelling

In a 3D model project, there are up to 90% fewer errors compared to a 2D project. The model allows for accurate calculation of material quantities and volumes, reducing material waste and construction debris. It also simplifies time planning, optimizing material storage and workflow.

We create models tailored to your specific needs, including all necessary parameters. Digital 3D models provide you with a complete overview of the project at any given time, from material selection to time goals.


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