Creation of BIM objects

Creation of parametric product-specific BIM models

We create BIM objects enriched with technical and spatial information from your products and materials. By having high-quality BIM objects of your products, you outperform competitors, as architects and designers prefer to use in their projects materials and products that have digital twins, also known as BIM objects.

What defines a good BIM object?


A good BIM object should not be excessively large in terms of data size, as it may burden the project in the end. Therefore, it is necessary to find a balance between data size and the created object.


The geometric detail of a BIM object is important. The object should not be overly burdensome, meaning that not every single screw needs to be shown, but the core concept of the product should be represented.

Data accuracy

A BIM object should not contain excessive information that overwhelms understanding. It is advisable to use a classification system and/or include information that the manufacturer deems necessary.


A BIM object should be convenient and easy to insert and use in a project. Different functions should be clearly distinguishable. The best usability is provided by a BIM library, such as ProdLib.

Additional features

Various bells and whistles can be added to a BIM object, but their inclusion should be based on practicality. Some additional features, such as displaying the opening direction of doors in plan view on door models, are important.


The architecture of a BIM object should be clearly understandable to experienced users. For complex and multifunctional objects, it is not advisable to include everything in a single model but rather build a combined model.

When creating BIM objects, we take into account the characteristics of your products, expectations regarding usability, and the real benefits they bring to sales results.

BIM objects on different software platforms

BIM objects can be created for various design software platforms such as Archicad, Revit, Tekla, Autocad (2D parametric objects), and others.

To ensure the best usability of BIM objects, it is recommended to place them in a dedicated BIM object library that is compatible with the aforementioned software platforms, such as ProdLib.


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