BIM-based project management software: easier real estate sales that satisfyes both the buyer and the seller

GBuilder software integrates all stakeholders: the customer who has purchased the apartment/house, the real estate developer, and the builder.
GBuilder’s home configurator creates a digital solution for the property being sold, allowing the buyer to make choices regarding interior elements and finishing materials, and receive an instant price quote based on those selections..

GBuilder benefits everyone

Large database of materials

Create your own databases or use existing ones that contain thousands of materials and from which even the most demanding buyer will find the suitable one.

The buyer makes the choice themself

You are spared time-consuming calls and meetings with the buyer and builder. All selections can be made digitally!

The cost is known instantly

You and the buyer have a continuous overview of the cost of selected materials and solutions.

All information moves directly to the builder

The buyer’s orders are always clear and contain all the necessary information, as there is no need for intermediaries.

Growth in sales

In addition to conventional materials, the buyer can also choose more exclusive solutions, which can be priced differently.

User-friendly interface

Both you and the buyer experience the convenience of GBuilder’s user-friendly digital platform, where personalized choices and offers can be made.

GBuilder offers flexibility to the customer and reduces administrative burden for the developer!

Advantages of GBuilder

Beautiful visuals promote upselling – the buyer can choose more expensive and impressive solutions. You can get a complete GBuilder solution from Tulitec – program configuration, user training, consultations, and 24/7 user support.


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